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Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

A functional air conditioning system is a must-have for homeowners in Florida, especially in the scorching and humid summer months. But few residents can tell when their AC unit has hit subpar performance—or if they would rather postpone the decision to buy a new air conditioner.

But like all electronics, air conditioners are not meant to last forever. At some point, you will need to upgrade your AC unit; otherwise, it might break down on you at an inconvenient time.

How will you know if your AC is at the end of its service life? Below are some telltale signs.

  1. Your AC unit is more than ten years old. Working smoothly for more than ten years is quite admirable for any AC system. But the older the model gets, the less reliable it becomes. AC maintenance for the unit might become more expensive, and you may also have a harder time hunting for phased-out replacement parts. Save yourself the pains of obsoleteness and get a newer, better-performing air conditioning system before it has the chance to break down.
  2. There’s a significant difference in your energy bills. A good AC unit can perform at peak efficiency and therefore consume less energy. If the opposite seems to be happening— if the air conditioner's energy consumption also seems to eat up an extra dime — it may be time to upgrade to a more energy-efficient AC.
  3. Inconsistent temperature’s. Does blasting a cool breeze seem like an impossible task for your AC sometimes? Is it fully capable of cooling the room on one occasion, but malfunctioning on another? If the unit is inconsistent, it may be better to go ahead and upgrade your air conditioning system. You shouldn’t play a guessing game as to when your AC will work for you.
  4. You’re calling the repairman more often than you need to. If there’s a spike in the number of times you’re calling your local HVAC repairman, perhaps it means that your AC’s nearing the end of its service life. Upgrading your AC at the soonest opportunity can save you the mounting costs of frequent HVAC repairs.

Want to Upgrade Your AC Unit? Here’s How with Glenn I. Jones Home Services

Luckily enough, AC installation isn’t as costly and time-consuming as you may think it is. With the right HVAC servicemen handling the installation, you can save time, money, and energy—and most importantly, you can get that much-needed respite from Florida’s heat.

Glenn I. Jones Home Service offers professional air conditioning and heating services in the Florida area. Improve your indoor air quality and enlist our exceptional HVAC products and services today. Send us a message on our contact us page or call our customer service team at 386-752-5389 for more information, or to request a free estimate.